Are You Working Yourself Out of a Job? A Quick Guide in Career Development - With David Laney

David Laney of David Laney Consulting discusses the idea that while hard work is a must in developing your brand and career, that alone will never ensure you will reach your maximum career potential. There are many other actions that you should be taking daily to not only increase your productivity and visibility in your current job but also to prepare you for your next career move.
Learner Objectives:

This webinar will offer you tips and suggestions that others have learned in advancing their careers but seldom have the opportunity to share with others.

• How to maximize your impact on the business
• Understanding who gets promoted and why
• Recognizing the five keys in career development
• Understanding perception, visibility, and influence
• Putting career wisdom to work for you

Additionally, attendees will learn more about the New ATD Capability model. The capability model is designed to show WHAT practitioners need to KNOW and DO to develop themselves, others, and their organizations. The ATD Capability Model sets a new standard for the field. This future-oriented model can be personalized. It responds to those trends affecting talent development, such as digital transformation, data analytics, information availability, and partnerships between talent development and business.

Area of Expertise This Session Supports: Impact Organizational Capability

To learn more about this model see:

Speaker: David Laney, Instructional Designer, Developer and Facilitator at David Laney Consulting

With more than 23 years of experience designing, developing, and facilitating classroom, virtual classroom, and self-paced training, David has motivated corporate employees throughout the world with his high-energy training sessions. As a longstanding member of the Verizon Learning and Development Team, he was also responsible for producing numerous training videos and podcasts that covered a broad spectrum of industry-related topics. In this next stage of his career, David is now very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to leverage his knowledge and wisdom to help others learn the things they need to know to find their path to success.

Hosted by M. Bruce Abbott - voiceover talent Houston
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