Assessments and CDR-U Coach with Nancy Parsons

Nancy Parsons of CDR Assessments Group / CDR-U sits down with ATD Houston's M. Bruce Abbott to discuss assessments, and the new CDR-U Coach product.
Nancy's team just launched CDR-U Coach - the first of its kind, virtual avatar coach that debriefs the in-depth CDR Assessment results and provides coaching tips and action planning. This A/I type experience is so personalized that no two users receive the same feedback. Now, individual coaching is scalable and can be extended to all levels of employees, assimilating veterans and even to college students.

CDR-U Coach is ideal during this COVID timeframe where many are working at home. It is also an extraordinary, objective diversity tool that develops true talent while getting past typically biases and processes that hold women and minorities back.

She also has #1 Bestselling book on Amazon is "Women Are Creating the Glass Ceiling and Have the Power to End It." In this researched based book, she reveals what is really causing the glass ceiling and it is not what people think.

She is a top global expert combining the science of assessments with the art of developing people. As president of CDR Assessment Group, Inc. since 1998, her team has provided unmatched assessments for leadership and talent development for global organizations. Nancy sheds new light on personality strengths, inherent risks and motivation changing performance, careers and lives.

Today, Nancy spends her time coaching senior executives, training executive coaches, presenting at conferences and in developing cutting edge CDR products and services. Thousands of leaders are developed each year by using CDR tools.

Nancy was selected as the 2019 MEECO International Thought Leader of Distinction in Executive Coaching and is a Speaker at 2019 World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) and is #1 Bestseller Author on Amazon.

Executive team development, executive coaches' certification, Authentic Leadership and Women in Leadership workshops, selection and succession planning are services provided by Nancy and her global team of coaches using the CDR 3-D Suite and the CDR 360 Leader Scan.

Nancy has presented at international, national and other conferences for talent management, HR and women in leadership events. Nancy has written over 70 articles and her new book, "How Women Are Creating the Glass Ceiling & Have the Power to End It" will be available in late 2019.

In 2016, Nancy launched the philanthropic endeavor "Vets Coaching Vets" and she and her team have worked to help veterans accelerate their career success.


Hosted by M. Bruce Abbott - e-learning narrator, Houston
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