Creative Job Searching and Networking with Scott Engler

ATD Houston's 2021 Marketing Director Scott Engler joins Bruce to share stories about how non-traditional methods of networking and job searching may be key to standing out in a crowded applicant pool.
I’ve spent close to a decade now consumed with the career development industry.

Since enrolling in graduate school near the end of 2008, I spent an astonishing amount of time in the pursuit of work in my specific field – resulting in minimal success. Over time, I gradually discovered that I wasn’t alone in this struggle, and have since dedicated my entire career to help people faced with the same challenges.

During this time, I’ve written many pertinent articles along with three different publications focused on career development and career transition. I’ve coached others, and even created a business platform for a mobile app. around efficient job search strategies.

The decision to write my first publication “The Job Inner-View” came to me as sort of an epiphany one morning in late 2012, as I wanted to write about all the different successful and creative methods I used to find work in hopes that it could help encourage and inspire the millions of other people in adjusting to the “contemporary changes in job searching” I had abruptly discovered for himself over the period of job searching for several years.

Throughout the course of writing my book, I was able to interview various well known and highly experienced employers; gaining both insight and feedback on how one should go about finding work in today’s economy, as well as recurring similarities in success stories from employees I interviewed who found work.

My passion and mission are coming together with people and through my services, talents, and experience – helping them get past these commonly expressed problems. As a result of these services, I’ve found common solutions to these problems.

Hosted by M. Bruce Abbott -
Male Voice Actor, Houston
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