Employee Evaluation Reinvented with Kent Nuttall

Longtime ATD Houston superstar Kent Nuttall sits down with M. Bruce Abbott to discuss a better way to build and measure employer/employee relationships — performance evaluations that begins with you, the employee.
Kent Nuttall – Author

Untapped Value: The Power of Meaningful Competence

Your relationship with an employer hinges on how your performance is evaluated. The ideas for this book began with a dysfunctional relationship, one in which my supervisors praised
me as a department hero while delivering a “Meets Expectations” rating. Untapped Value shows you a better way to build and measure that relationship—performance evaluation that begins with you, the employee.

In this book you’re introduced to and shown how to use an innovative new approach that focuses you and your supervisor on the actual value you create. Imagine being known for measurable, visible value. Isn’t that a lot better than being among the 85% percent who are labeled as “meets expectations”?

This new approach is called Meaningful Competence® because you’re now building competence that’s meaningful to you, as well as to the organization you work for. You build this Meaningful Competence using a toolkit that will flex to your situation.

Hosted by M. Bruce Abbott, e-learning narrator
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