From the 2019 Fall Conference: ATDH President Joni Goodman

Once again from the 2019 Fall conference floor, check out the ATD Houston podcast "Train To Win", where we speak with current chapter President Joni Goodman about why membership and sponsorship is so important.
ATD Houston exists to support the learning community by providing educational resources, networking  opportunities, and other support to professionals in our  field. It connects you with colleagues in the Houston business community for networking and support. 

It is a resource to build relationships to business opportunities, job openings and best practices. Membership grants access to white papers, studies, webinars, and other training resources that are designed to enhance  the skills of our community. 

Membership in the ATD Houston Chapter is a convenient way to access general meetings, peer professionals, conferences, professional development events and educational publications locally in your field.  

You may join ATD Houston at any time. All you have to do is go to our Application for Membership page and complete the membership registration process.

From The ATD Houston Podcast Studio hosted by M. Bruce Abbott, voice over talent
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