Learning the New Normal: Talent Development’s Leadership Role with Jay Clancy

Strategic Ascent's Jay Clancy joins ATD Houston's M. Bruce Abbott to discuss #talentdevelopment in the new normal and our September General Meeting.
The pace of change was already hard to keep up with before the pandemic. Now, in the new normal, the very survival of our organizations will depend on building capabilities to navigate a dizzying entanglement of economic, social, competitive, technological, political, and environmental issues. Organizations and the people in them are called to learn and adapt on an unprecedented scale. This evolution is both exciting and terrifying.

The world needs our leadership more than ever before. Now is the time for talent development professionals to leverage our forte of guiding people through learning and change. Join the ATD community as we look toward the future and celebrate coming back together. Together, talent development professionals can raise the bar and make a meaningful impact in a world that desperately needs us.

Hosted by M. Bruce Abbott - Houston Voiceover Talent
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