Networking To CONNECT! Effective Networking For Creating and Sustaining Successful Business Relationships with Margaret Johnson

On our latest #podcast episode, Margaret Johnson sits down with @ATDHouston 's M. Bruce Abbott to discuss effective #networking strategies. #ATDHOU
Networking isn’t just about passing out business cards at a social hour or business meeting. It is about developing relationships and connections with people in all areas of our work and life. Whether you are already a savvy charismatic networker or a quieter less outgoing person, you will find tips and techniques in this session to develop new relationships with people from all walks of life. And, you will learn how to create and sustain connections with people you already know for greater productivity, effectiveness and fun.

Using the acronym CONNECT, participants will

  • Identify what they have in Common with individuals in and outside of their network
  • Discuss the Opinions and assumptions that exist about networking purpose and outcomes
  • Discover and develop Networking Niches, or areas to focus attention and energy when networking
  • Understand the value of External and internal networking niches
  • Practice using effective questioning to make Connections
  • Utilize best practice for networking with Technology, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Hosted by M. Bruce Abbott - voice over talent Houston
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