Putting the FUN Back in Strategic Planning with Laurie Hall

New Horizon Strategies CEO Laurie Hall joins Bruce Abbott to tease the upcoming Nov 8, 2022 General Meeting, where she helps us discover how to make strategic planning fun.
Putting the FUN Back in Strategic Planning In-Person Meeting

Does strategic planning give you nightmares? (Or have you never really sat down to actually do it?) All too often, we start strategic planning by looking forward. You will learn how to look back to make sure you’ve set the right foundation for a year of prosperity ahead. Plus, you’ll discover how to make strategic planning fun and leave with two solid exercises to turn your goals into realities. 


Many of us and our organizations, start each year by conducting a strategic planning session. Join us to learn how to better prepare in advance for strategic planning, conduct a strategic planning session in a fun and engaging way, as well as develop concrete and obtainable goals.

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Laurie Hall –  CEO New Horizon Strategies
A certified coach, certified facilitator, and seasoned speaker – founded New Horizon Strategies LLC in 2011 to inspire sustainable change in the professional world. She provides transformation to leaders through coaching, facilitation, consulting, and speaking. She is a frequent keynote and breakout session speaker on technical and motivational topics to inspire personal and professional growth.

Laurie brings a unique perspective to coaching and facilitation since she spent the first part of her career in project- and system-level engineering and management, facilitation, and organizational development to support human life in space and operational excellence on the ground. Her work effected change at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, Jacobs Sverdrup, and Schlumberger-Dowell.

Hosted by M. Bruce Abbott
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