Transform Yourself From SME To Professional Speaker with Dr. Rob Pennington

How do you move from subject matter expert to professional speaker? Dr. Rob shows you how as he discusses Fall Speaker Academy, and how you can take advantage of a special offer as an ATD Houston member.
Are you an expert who speaks?
Would you like to know more about how to use speaking to
market your expertise, generate product and additional
revenue streams?
Are you open to receiving individual coaching and investing
time, energy and some money in growing the speaking side of
your business?
Well, if you answered Yes to any of these, then Welcome.
You are exactly in the right place.... at the right time.
We are fortunate to have as our educational speaker today, Dr.
Rob Pennington, a Houston educational psychologist, award
winning speaker and author with four decades of experience
helping experts become better at sharing their expertise.
He received the highest trainer evaluations from ExxonMobil...
each year... for more than 15 years... for his multi-day program,
Successful Work Relationships.
Today, my friend, Dr. Rob is here in his capacity as Dean of the
Fall Speaker Academy, for the Houston Chapter of the National
Speakers Association. If you ever considered moving from being
a public speaker to being a professional speaker, this is the man
who can help you make that happen.
You can learn more about Rob at and more
about the NSA Houston academy at

Hosted by M. Bruce Abbott - Male Voice Talent
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